February Meetings

The February 15th program featured A Brief History of Ireland by Stan Penn, Owner Celt Irish Pub and Nick Keim, Manager of Celt Irish Pub.



On February 22nd Christina Curtis, CEO/Operator of Piece by Piece Care Management, LLC was our guest.  She gave a brief bio of her life starting as an orphan in Vietnam and then spoke about the Senior Services here company provides.


Piece by Piece Care Management LLC’s Story
Based in the DFW area, Piece by Piece Care Management LLC provides consulting for short- and long-term medical health care services that catering to patients of all ages. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the complete healthcare system covered, from adolescence to old age. We also specialize in providing services for clients who have had strokes and/or traumatic brain Injury (TBI.) At the young age 10, our owner witnessed her mother jump through hoops to navigate the health care and VA administration systems while dealing with her father’s car accident. Our President, Christina Curtis, LBSW, has dedicated her life to helping people maneuver the muddy waters of health care. Christina’s personal experience led her to where she is today.















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